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Ahlan Wa Sahlan!
Gabriela was born and raised in Mexico City. She began her dance training as a child studying Folklorico and
later, as a teenager she studied Hula and Tahitian dance. Her training in Middle-Eastern dance (belly dance)
did not begin until the Summer of 2002 in Houston, TX.  She took her first lesson at Sirrom School of Dance
where she had the opportunity to learn from different talented instructors. During that time, she met
(of Belladonna) and she became a loyal student of this popular troupe for a couple of years. Gabriela
continues her dance education by attending workshops with high profile teachers, such as Bozenka of Miami
(who choreographed  Shakira for one of her videos), Katia of Boston, Cassandra of Minneapolis, Vashti of
Dallas, Jim Boz of California, Nourhan Sharif of New York, bellydance superstars Jillina and Ansuya, Leila
Gamal, Hadia of Canada, Sandra of California, Ava Fleming, legendary master instructor and choreographer
Mahmoud Reda and Fifi Abdo of Cairo Egypt.

As a performer she's had the opportunity to dance at numerous events and restaurants throughout Houston.
Some of them include the George R. Brown Convention Center (Heaith & Fitness Expo), HABDA dance nights
at Bijans, Kairo Cafe, Helios, Cafe Europe, Al Basha,D'wines, Maryz, and many more. Gabriela has also been
spotted dancing at Ya Leil, Saffron, Garson, Crome Lounge, Havana Latin Grill, Mashawi Lounge, Cafe Layal,
Cafe Byblos, Hotel Zaza, M Lounge, and Yanni's, where she was the featured belly dancer for over two years.

Gabriela is an active member of HABDA (Houston Area Belly Dance Association)
www.habda.org -  She
served as President (2006) & Newsletter Editor (2005-2006) for the organization.
Gabriela is also available for your private parties, weddings, celebrations, and corporate events.
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Booking page for more information.
Gabriela- Belly dancer in Houston
Gabriela is currently teaching at Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex - 2201 Preston in Downtown Houston.
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Classes page for information.